Terms of use and rules for members

These Terms and Conditions are publicly disclosed to everyone, to resolve conflicts in the operation of the board and its members, and as a basis for resolving violations throughout the website.
I. Terms of Use:

     - The board is not responsible for the content of the members posted.

     - The administrator has the right to add, delete, edit posts and comment violators.

     - The administrator has the right to block or delete a member's account without prior notice.

     - The board has the right to use the member's posts and comments on the whole website.

II. Rules for members:

     - Members are fully responsible for the content posted on the website.

     - Members do not post political, religious, sexual, violent left the fine traditions of Vietnam.

     - Members do not post vulgar words.

     - Members do not post spam, provoke, make war, despise, offend, slander members and other organizations.

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